Women In Leadership 2024 | Conferences (2024)

A Transformational Experience for Advancing Women Leaders

Presented by Linkage, a SHRM Company

November 11-14, 2024 | Orlando, FL and Virtual

Join Our 25+ Year Legacy of Elevating Women Leaders

Women Leaders Are Shaping the Future. It All Starts at WIL 2024.

The Women in Leadership Institute™ (WIL) is the ultimate experience equipping women leaders with actionable strategies to overcome the hurdles they often face in the workplace.

This immersive leadership development opportunity accelerates the advancement of women leaders across all levels, industries and roles while providing career-changing networking opportunities and scalable impact for organizations embracing gender equity.


A Comprehensive Program for Self-Discovery, Growth and Development

Companies with greater gender diversity at the executive level tend to have higher profitability, return on equity, and stock price growth.

Is your organization equipped with the resources to support the evolving demographics of your leadership and address the unique challenges women face as they advance?

The Women in Leadership Institute ignites transformation and innovation within businesses, all fueled by the empowerment of women leaders.

Just ask our incredible alumni network of 20,000+ trailblazers creating better workplaces for a better world.

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360 Assessments

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Customized Small Group Learning

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Women In Leadership 2024 | Conferences (5)

Keynotes from Accomplished WOMEN LEADERS

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Exclusive Networking Opportunities



of WIL participants take more time to define their strengths & talents as a leader


of WIL alumni are recognized more often for their contributions


of WIL attendees express having gained more self-confidence


of WIL attendees report being more engaged with their work

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Multiply the Impact Through Group Registration

Now is the time to blaze a path forward for women in the workplace. Maximize impact across your organization and access special discounts when you send a team of 5+ women leaders.




say they & their team are outperforming the company average


are more engaged with their work


have more personal satisfaction with work


are more likely to stay with their company

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Explore Additional ways your organization can harness the power of WIL to drive transformative impact.

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Discover Executive Experiences

“[WIL] brought forward transparent conversations around what it means to be a female leader and bring your authentic self to work. Hearing these insights and the power of building, maintaining and leveraging personal networks was inspiring.”

Dana Valentine

Senior Vice President, Global Talent, Eaton

I loved the experience. I plan to apply what I learned into my development plan. I enjoyed meeting other strong women leaders from across the country (and the world!). I loved the keynotes; they gave such strong messages that really had a large impact on me.

Kristin Hough Frame

Vice President, Connected Finance, U.S. Bank


What is the Women in Leadership Institute™?

The Women in Leadership Institute brings together 2,000+ women leaders for an exceptional and results-driven leadership development experience. With a 24-year history, WIL is a leading women’s leadership conference, and has empowered thousands of women to overcome the common hurdles to advancement in the workplace. Premier organizations including Kaiser Permanente, Lowe’s Companies, Oracle, and FedEx Ground rely on WIL to engage and inspire their women leaders, and many individual women leaders choose to join us as independent learners and participants.

How can I experience the Women in Leadership Institute in 2024?

The Women in Leadership Institute™ is more accessible than ever before, empowering women leaders to choose from two convenient formats—in-person in Orlando, Fla., or through our 100% virtual learning platform.

Both experiences equip women leaders with the actionable strategies needed to overcome the hurdles to advancement in the workplace—through engaging keynotes, an Advancing Women Leaders Assessment, networking and a special panel.

Participants can choose from four pass types and two packages to tailor the experience to their individual needs and goals:

All-Access (In-Person) or All-Access (Virtual) pass: Get access to the entire conference—four days of immersive learning, including Keynotes, the full schedule of Breakout Sessions, and most importantly, your own Learning Team, led by a leadership consultant and executive coach who is an expert in the advancement of women leaders, giving you direct access to applicable advice and insights. Perfect for women leaders looking for a more robust program.

Virtual Keynotes or Virtual Keynotes PLUS pass: Tailored for the woman leader with an exceptionally busy schedule or who is unable to travel, the abbreviated virtual tickets allow women leaders to experience a shorter conference schedule. Add hands-on learning through Breakout Sessions by choosing the Virtual Keynotes PLUS package and maximize your experience.

Accelerator and Coaching Add-Ons: Combine a pass with additional learning experiences, including independent learning and facilitated community sessions, or an optional coaching upgrade. The Accelerator Program is designed for women leaders looking for additional community, learning experiences, and instructor-led support for a full year. The coaching add-ons are designed for those looking for one on one support to meet their goals. 

If you have questions or need help deciding which experience is best for you, connect with us.

What time zone will the event be in?

The Women in Leadership Institute™ is hosted and broadcast live from Orlando, Fla., November 11–14, 2024, which is in the Eastern Standard Time zone. Please see the full agenda for timing.

Do I have to follow the WIL agenda exactly as outlined?

The All-Access pass is designed to be experienced on a set schedule during the week of the live conference. Whether you attend with the All-Access pass in person, or through the virtual platform, you will be required to tune in to small-group learning and in-the-moment sessions, making your live participation critically important.

The abbreviated virtual program, available through a Keynotes or Keynotes PLUS pass, accommodates busy schedules by serving up a shorter conference experience.

Do I have to tune in live or can I experience the recorded content at my own pace?

It is highly recommended to tune in live, giving you the opportunity to engage live. However, every conference attendee—across all pass types and packages—will be given extended access to the recorded content, which includes Keynotes, Breakout Sessions, and other special sessions, for 90 days after the start of the event. This allows participants to experience the content again!

Are the sessions recorded? Will I be able to rewatch them?

Both in-person and virtual attendees will have access to recorded WIL Keynotes for 90 days from the start of the Institute.

While you may rewatch Keynote sessions (or watch them for the first time) on-demand and view the question-and-answer chats, you will not be able to submit new questions. You can also watch select Breakout Sessions on-demand for 90 days, as well.

Do attendees take an assessment before they participate in the Women in Leadership Institute?

Yes! We encourage all attendees to complete one of our Advancing Women Leaders assessments, which are specifically designed for women leaders. Here’s why: As you begin the challenging work of assessing your leadership abilities and defining goals for yourself, nothing is more valuable than real data.

That’s where the Advancing Women Leaders Assessment comes in. You will be measured on your proficiency in the six competencies associated with success for women leaders.

Advancing Women Leaders 360° Assessment

Leaders with an All-Access pass will gain access to Linkage’s Advancing Women Leaders 360° Assessment, allowing you to reflect on your own skills, and give members of your organization—including those you manage, work alongside, and work for—the ability to assess you in key areas. This means that you gain some truly invaluable insights into how you rate yourself as a leader and how others perceive you as a leader. Combined, the results will lay the foundation for your time with us at WIL—they will even influence your placement on a learning team.

Understanding the data in a 360° assessment can be a big undertaking, which is why we support you every step of the way. Leaders with an All-Access pass will experience a special pre-conference session to help you unpack your results, as well as a special conference session titled: “Assessment Review: Unlocking Your Best Insights.” And, you will have access to your Learning Team Leader, who is an expert at debriefing assessment results for individual leaders.

Please note: To accommodate the appropriate amount of time to complete and analyze leaders through a 360° assessment, any participant who purchases a ticket or is added to a group less than thirty (30) days before the opening date of the Institute will receive the Self-Assessment rather than the 360° Assessment, where applicable. In addition, to customize each attendee’s experience, we must receive your completed online assessment by the date provided in your confirmation email.

Advancing Women Leaders Self-Assessment

Leaders with a Virtual Keynotes or Virtual Keynotes PLUS pass will gain access to the Advancing Women Leaders Self-Assessment. This self-assessment is designed to empower women leaders to guide their own leadership journey and self-identify their own strengths and areas of opportunity. Leaders with a Virtual Keynotes or Virtual Keynotes PLUS pass will gain access to an on-demand webinar with tips on how to understand their results.

Will I be refunded if I must cancel my registration?

Please see our Enrollment Policy here.

Where can I find the full conference agenda?

The agenda is located here.

I’ve been an Executive Sponsor before and am not sure if I should attend the Executive Sponsor Track at WIL or not.

This is a unique experience in which you you get to attend the longest-running women’s conference in the world. You’ll hear from amazing keynote speakers, find the latest data on women in the workforce, hear from peers on their experiences, and learn best practices for redesigning inclusion and becoming an executive sponsor, and you’ll also enjoy networking opportunities. You should attend if you are interested in evolving your practice as an executive sponsor and a builder of inclusive cultures.

Thank you to our 2024 Partners & Sponsors

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Women In Leadership 2024 | Conferences (2024)


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