The Spokesman-Review from Spokane, Washington (2024)

10 is Old 1 31 OFFICIAL RECORDS Continued MARRIAGE LICENSES Alfred R. Amdahl, Bainbridge Island, and Patricia L. Shuford, Spokane. James M. Jacobsen, Spokane, and Beatrice S.

Maberry, Richland, Wash. Timothy L. Flanigan and Penny L. Vasicek, Spokane. Wash.

and palMinder: Drake, SpoErnest L. Greenacres, Kane. Ivan A. Correll 11, and Carole J. Baird, Spokane, Michael Parks and Janet K.

Holter, Seattle, Wash. Daniel R. Landron, Fairchild AFB. and Nora E. Mover, Spokane.

Edward M. Boule Sharon A. Montalva, Seattle, Wash. Donald Rinck and Pennie M. Spokane.

James A. Dunn and Ruth L. Hunt, Spokane. Dennis K. Young and Sharon A.

Burkman, Spokane. Claude J. Conrad and Sharlene L. Wright, Spokane. Jim Johnson and Linda J.

Johnson, Monroe, Wash. Michael J. Fitzpatrick and Anna -C. Wiberg, Spokane, Collin I. Bickford.

Mountain Brincken, Home, (AFB, Idaho and Karen T. Veradale, Wash. Herman D. Kruiswyk and Nancy K. Bloom, Spokane.

William A. Carlon and Mary A. John E. and Margaret P. Gillette, Spokane, Marion E.

Wellman and Pauline R. Nickelby, Spokane. Thomas E. Whicker, Spokane and Hendrickson. Spokane.

J. Butler, Cheney, Wash. T. Hinson and Sandra S. James Collison, Spokane.

Melvin H. O'Brien and Betty J. Robert N. Kelly, Palisades, Wash. Elliott, Spokane.

and Esther M. Adams, Spokane. Short Hills, James M. Anderson, N.J. and Diana J.

Bergeron, Spokane. JUSTICE COURTS Only fines or forfeitures of $25 or more are listed unless a lail sentence is Department (Police Court) imposed. Judge Gordon S. Lower: Ruby J. Battles, N2418 Center, failure to obey stop sign (accident), $25 forfeited.

Kenneth J. Mohr, Spokane, nealigent driving, $25 forfeited. N915 Richard Woodard. Cannon. negligent driving (accident), $25 forfeited.

George Jolley. Priest River, Idaho, speeding, $25 forfeited. James Hastings, Mead, negligent drivina (accident), $25 forfeited. Lydia J. Pitney, W1508 Sixth.

failure to vield right of way (accident), 525 forfeited. Thomas C. Bleker, E14017 Dean, Andrew H. Carnahan. W811 Knox, speedina, $26 forfeited.

failure to vield right of way (accident), $25 forfeited. Michael J. Higgins, W438 Twentythird, negligent driving (accident), $25 forfeited. Wilbert Carter, Fairchild AFB, forfeit- neqligent drivina (accident), $25 ed. Norman R.

Dahlen N.5911 Fotheringham, speedina, $25 fine suspended. Herman H. Petty, W1028 Spraque, driving, aliquor-druas, while 30 under days the in jail influence suspend- of ed and $150 fine. Jimmie Hearold. E2614 Sixth, failure to vield riaht of wav (accident), $25 fine suspended.

Pedro Jimenez, W2721 Queen. negligent driving (accident), $25 forfeited. sJohn Porter, Route 1, Box 396, driving while under the influence suspend- of liquor-drugs, 30 days in lail Evesta S. Switzer, E1008 Newark, ed and $150 fine. no Eugene operator's H.

Green. E1617 Eleventh. license, $25 forfeited. Dexter G. Bunting Millwood, speedina, $28 forfeited.

3 speedina. $40 forfeited. Amil G. Kyseth. 54015 Crestline, failure to vield right of way (accident), $25 forfeited.

Index to Want Ads Classifications are numbered Appear in numerical order Classifications 1 through 33 Announcements, General Employment Classifications 48 through 68 Automotive Classifications 550 through 542-543 575 Mobile Pickup Homes Campers .545 and Trailers Financial Business Contracts. Opportunities Mortgages 256-257 470-471 Money to Loan 264-270 Monev Wanted to Borrow 272 Instruction Music Instruction 96 Schools 40-46 Airplanes tor Sale 532 Merchandise Antiques 178 Articles for Rent 153 Auction Sales 176 Boats and Motors 291 Building Materlals 144 Fertilizer and Black Dirt 149 Fuel Oil Housewives Supplies Machinery Mattresses, Feathers 168 Miscellaneous 150-154 Musical Nursery Instruments 148 Stock A TV. Radio, Hi-Fi Sales Service 90-92 Refrigerators 119 Second Hand Goods Wanted 182 Sewing Machines 122 Stamps, Coins. Hobbies 118 155 Vacuum Cleaners Real Estate Acre Tracts. Suburban 500-508 Apt.

Houses -For Sale 473 Bus, Bidgs. -For Rent 339 Business Properties for Sale 487-494 520 Farm Lands Lake Property 508-509 Residence Property 514-530 Resort Prop. -For Sale 506-507 510 Vallev Property Rentals Classifications 304 through 341 Hotels 310 Lake Home- Rentals 295 Motels 315 Sleepina Rooms 308 Summer Resorts, Cottages 294 Trailer Space for Rent 325 Services Beauty Shops Children Cared For Dressmaking Talloring Electric Service 126 Florists. 16 -Maternity Homes 416 Plumbing and Heating 128 Work by Contract 70 Washine Machines 120 Pets, Poultry, Livestock Classifications 228 through 750 Classified Advertising RATES PER WORD Ilc 7 consecutive consecutive aays days for price of 5 Minimum charge 10 words. Contract rates on application.

Rates for Personals, Cards of Thanks quoted at office Phone MA 4-1121 Want Ads Accepted Until 8:45 P.M. Today for Publication Next Day LODGE NOTICES SAMARITAN LODGE NO. 52, 100F CO Monday, Refreshments August 7th Mat Comer, N.G. E. Davies, Sec.

FLORISTS 10 FA 7-5511 COLDWELL GARLAND FLORISTS Krause Florist KE 5-2088 Stanek's Flowers KE 5-2939 Angelos Flowers KE 5-2431 Parrish Sells FA 7-1197 LEHMAN, Katherine Passed away Aug. in Lewiston, Idaho. Her home W726 6th Ave. Survived by a son, Jerome Lehman. Houston, sister, Mrs.

Jean Walter, Ariz. and several nephews. Funeral arrangements. are in the care of the HENNESSEY FUNERAL HOME, N2203 DIVISION ST. GALLAGHER, Marie Passed away Auq.

6 in a local hospital. A memof the community 54 vears. Her home, E1821 Herov. Survived by sons. Bernard Peter M.

and John E. Gallagher, all of Spokane; 2 daughters, Mrs. Robert (Lucille) Curran, St. Paul, Mrs. James (Mary) Parker, Shelby, 28 grandchildren; 5 children; two sisters.

Mrs. Gabriel Rangunot, Buffalo, Mrs. Marie A. Hunter, Gillette, Wyo. Funeral arrangements are in the care of the HENNESSEY FUNERAL HOME, N2203 DIVISION ST.

JOHNSON, George away Aug. 7 in Spokane. A resident of W218 Riverside Ave. Survived by one sister. Lizzie Johnson, Yakima, 2 brothers.

Onna G. Johnson, Spokane and William Johnson, Kankakee, 111. He was a resident of Spokane 50 vears. His last services have been intrusted to the care of the SMITH FUNERAL HOME, W1124 RIVERSIDE AVE. MCGILLIVRAY, John W.

Passed away August 6 at Farragut State Park. His home E1624 DeSmet Ave. Survived by 2 brothers, Alex McGillivrav and L. W. McGillivray, both of Spokane.

The THORNHILL GERAGHTY FUNERAL HOME, N1322 MONROE is intrusted with his last rites. SIDLER, Bertha Passed away August 6 in a local hospital. home Spokane. Survived by 1 sister, Rose Sidier, Portland. Ore.

The THORNHILL GERAGHTY FUNERAL HOME, N1322 MONROE intrusted with her last rites. DEATHS 12, RELLING, Howard Passed away August 6 In Spokane. His residence, N109 Bernard. Survived by one daughter, Joyce Hatfield. Whitefish, Mont.

One brother, Laurence RellIna. Baker. Oregon. One sister, Catherine Blankenship, North Bend. Wash.

The RAGHTY FUNERAL HOME, N1322 MONROE is intrusted with his last rites. WILSON, Stella N. Passed away August 8 at her home W217 15th Ave, Survived by her husband, Herbert L. Wilson at the home. 2.

granddaughters, Miss Robin L. McCann. Missoula, Miss D. McCann. Olympia, 1 sister, Mrs.

Laura N. Hadley, Seattle, Wash. A resident Spokane the past 42. years. The THORNHILL GERAGHTY FUNERAL HOME, N1322 MONROE is intrusted with her last rites.

FUNERALS 13 Continued BEAUGHAN, John Henry- -His home. W823 Augusta, Brother of Mrs. Walter Bessie Peters, lone. Beaughan and Mark Beaughan, both Spokane, and Elmer Beaughan, Spangle, several nieces and nephews. Lifetime resident of this area.

Funeral service, Tuesdav. Aug. 1:30 p.m. from the GOTHIC CHAPEL of the HAZEN JAEGER FUNERAL HOME, N1306 MONROE Rev. Robert Morton officiating.

Burial services Aug. 8. at 1:30 p.m., at the Spangle, cemetery. The family suggests that memorial gifts may be aiven the Spokane County Unit, Cancer Society, $160 Stevens. BUCHANAN, Barbara A.

-Her home, RI. No. 2, Cheney, Wash. Wife of Mvron Buchannan. at the home; sister of Gladys Smith.

Ft. Smith. Mrs. Edith Richmond, Ravmondville, Lula Turner, Fort Smith. and Clyde Turner, Barbara, Ark.

Funeral services Tuesday, Aug. 8, at 2 p.m. in HAZEN the GOTHIC JAEGER CHAPEL FUNERAL of the HOME, N1306 MONROE Rev. Russell 0. Luke officiating.

Burial services Spokane Memorial Gardens. CAMERON, Peqqie Evelyn Her home, Rt. 1. Spokane. Survived by a daughter, Ulla Metzger, Spokane; sons, Charles Cameron.

Spokane: Henry De Haan, Spokane; eight grandchildren and areat-grandchildren. Graveside services, Tues8, at 11 a.m. Mr. Larry Hever officiatina. Interment, Spokane Memorial Gardens.

RIPLINGER FUNERAL HOME, N4305 DIVISION in charge. DILL, Amelia Mae (83)-Funeral services 11 a.m. Tuesday, in the CHAPEL of CHIMES, THORNHILLGERAGHTY FUNERAL HOME, N1322 MONROE ST. Rev. Stanley Gunsten officiating.

Interment Pleasant Prairie Cemetery. Her home, N5304 Evergreen. Survived by a sister, Hildur Kronquist, Spokane: 2 nieces, Gladys Goodman, Freeda Felber, both Spokane: 2 nephews, Jess Kronquist, Foothills, and Kenneth Domke, Spokane; several ins. She was a member of the Lutheran Church, the Ramona Rebecca Lodge of Opportunity and the Blue Ribbon Circle of Foothills. FLANDERS, Angeline Anna Her home, E1518 Olympic Ave.

Mother of Mrs. Dorothy A. Nelson, Los Angeles, grandmother of Ruth Anderson, North Ghana, West Africa; Connie Nelson Craig Nelson, both Los Angeles, Lewis Anderson. Walla Walla, Glen Nelson, Seattle and George Anderson, Concord, 8 great-grandchildren; sister of Mrs. Marion Edwards, Santa Cruz, John Read, Oakland, Calif.

A member of North Hill Assembly of God Church. 1 Funeral services. Tues. Aug. 8 of at the p.m.

HAZEN in the ALWIN CHAPEL JAEGER FUNERAL HOME, N1306 MONROE Rev. J. E. Rasmussen officiating, Burial services Spokane Memorial Gardens. The famIly suggests memorial gifts may be given to the Assembly of God Foreign Missions.

Springfield, Mo. HUGGAR, Mary Ellen- Her home, Maxwell. Wife of Leonard Huggar, at the home; sister of Mrs. Lorraine Mills and Mrs. Cor-1 rine Paradez, both in California.

Numerous nieces and nephews. FU- A lifetime resident of Spokane. neral services Wednesday, 9, at p.m. from the ALWIN CHAPEL of the HAZEN JAEGER FUNERAL HOME, N1306 ST. Dr.

Alexander Schiffner Burial services at Fairmount Memorial Park. COZZETTO, George home, W419 Shannon. Survived by four sons. Orest Cozzetto. Romeo Cozzetto, Albert Cozzetto, Rudy Cozall of Spokane; 2 daughters, Mrs.

Mary Kachel, Spokane; Marjorie Cozzetto. at the home; one brother, Rudolf Cozzetto, Long land, mother, Michaelina Cozzetto, Italy: 2 sisters, Adalgisa De Caro. Spokane; Frances Ferraro, Rosario, Argentina; 14 grandchildren; one nephew, Joe Cozzetto, Alaska; one niece, Mary Dellino, Seattle, Wash. Member of St. Anthony's Catholic Church, Foundry Workers Union.

Rosary, Tuesday, Aug. 8, at 7:30 p.m. in the ROSE CHAPEL of the HENNESSEY FUNERAL HOME, N2203 DIVISION ST. Funeral service Wednesday. Aug.

9, at 9 a.m. at St. Anthony's and Cedar. Rev. Cyril Feisst officiating.

Catholic Church, Montgomery Interment Holy Cross Cemetery. GALLAGHER, Marie Her home, E1821 Herov. A member of the community 54 years. Survived by 3 sons. Bernard Peter M.

and John E. Gallagher, all of Spokane; 2 daughters, Mrs. Robert (Lucille) Curran, St. Paul, Mrs. James Parker, Shelby, 28 grandchildren; 5 great-great-grandchildren; 2 sisters, Mrs.

Gabriel Rangunot, Buffalo, Mrs. Marie A. Gillette, Wvo. Rosary Wednesday, Aug. 9 at 8:30 p.m.

in CHAPEL of the HENNESSEY FUNERAL HOME, N2203 DIVISION ST. Funeral service Thursday. Aug. 10 at 9 a.m. from St.

Patricks Catholic Church, Queen and Nelson. The Very Rev. Robert C. O'Neil officiatina. Interment at Holy Cross Cemetery.

KALINOSKI, William J. His home, E1422 11th. Husband of Mrs. Laura Kalinoski, at the home; father of Victor Kalinoski, Spokane; Warren Kalinoski, St. Paul, 6 grandchildren; great-grandchild; brother of Mrs.

Ethel Schultz, Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho; Mrs. Grace Wolter, Spokane; Edward Kalinoski, Cle Elum, several nieces and nephews. Member of the Manito Evangelical United Church; 31-vear resident of this area. Funeral services, Tuesday, Aug. 8, at 7:30 p.m..

in the ALWIN CHAPEL of the HAZEN JAEGER FUNERAL HOME, N1306 MONROE Rev. George Kauf. man officiating. Mr. Kalinoski will be sent by the Hazen Jaeger Funeral Home to the Skari Funeral Home, Baldwin, where neral services will held Aug.

10. at 2 p.m. Burial services at Baldwin, Wis. The family suggests that memorial aifts may be given to the Manito Evangelical United Brethren Church. E508 25th Spokane, Wash.

KING, Harlan K. Passed away Aug. 4 in Spokane. His home was Route 1, Chelan, Wash. Survived by his wife, Lozetta King, at the home.

daughter, Vicki King, 4 sons, Kenneth, Harlan, Kenton and Mark King, all at the home. Grandmother, Mrs. Mary King, in Idaho. Stepfather, Cecil Oliver, Clayton, Wash. Funeral Aug.

8 at 1 p.m. at the Church in the Wildwood, Deer Park. Rev. Orin Har. denbrook officiating.

Burial Woodland Cemetery in Deer Park. The LAUER FUNERAL HOME in DEER PARK in charge of arrangements. LEHNER, Milton resident of E504 Nora. Lived in Spokane 50 vears. Survived by his daughter, Mrs.

Helen Bolton, of Spokane: three sons, Fred Lehner, Spokane; Frank A. Lehner, Honolulu, Hawaii, and Kenneth Lehner, Fort Lee, N.J.: eight grandchildren; six greatgrandchildren. Funeral service, Tuesday, Aug. 8, at FUNERAL 11 a.m., HOME. from W1124 RIVERSIDE, Rev.

Laurel V. Lindberg officiating. Interment, Greenwood Memorial Terrace. LINK, Johnnie home, Davenport, Wash. Survived by one stepdaughter, Mrs.

Phyllis Store, Milton-Freewater, 2 grandchildren; 3 sisters, Mrs. Helen Schmierer. Mrs. Carolina, both Odessa, Mrs. Clara Kelso, Seattle, numerous nieces and nephews.

Funeral services, Auq. 10, at 11 a.m.. from the CHAPEL of the STRATE FUNERAL HOME, DAVENPORT. WASH. Rev.

A. Hausauer, officiatina. Interment, Odessa Cemetery, Odessa, Wn. LOCKHART, Stanley C. His home, W1924 6th Ave.

Husband of Dorothea Lockhart at the home. Father of Mrs. Wendell (Dorothy Jo) Allen, Spokane: James Lockhart, Los Angeles, Clarence Lockhart, Colfax, Wn. and David Lockhart, Spokane; eleven grandchildren; brother of Wilbur Lockhart, Spokane and Corwin Lockhart, St. John, numerous nieces nephews.

A member of St. John Methodist Church; the American Legion Post No. 179, St. John, Ensian John R. Monaghan Post No.

51, Veterans of Foreign Wars. A veteran of World War and a lifetime, resident of St. John Spokane Wn. Funeral services Aug. 8 at 11.

a.m. in the ALWIN CHAPEL of the HAZEN JAEGER FUNERAL HOME, N1306 MONROE ST. Rev. John A. Christensen officiating.

Burial service Fairmount Memorial Park. American Legion Post No. 179, St. John's, participatina at the grave. WEST, Charles Kenneth His home, near Lacrosse, Wn.

Survived by his wife, Esther West at the home; 2 Seattle, daughters. Mrs. Delores Deanna Adamson. bach. Oak Harbor, one son, Bill K.

West, Lacrosse, Wn. grandchildren. His mother, Mrs. Etta West, Spokane, 3 brothers, Eugene H. West, Colville, Witliam West, Kent.

Jack E. West. Spokane, 2 sisters. Mrs. Margaret Kingslev, Denver, Colorado: Mrs.

Katherine Cordick. A member of the St. Bellevue, Wn. Johns Congregational Aug. Church.

8th FU- at neral services 1:30 p.m. from the chapel of the BRUNING FUNERAL HOME, Mortlock WN. (formerly of Lacrosse, COLFAX. The Rev. Earl G.

Graveside services. Wn.) Riverside officiating. Memorial Park, Tuesday, Aug. 8th, at 4 p.m. FUNERALS ROBERTSON, Robert His home, Newport, Wash.

Husband of Mrs. Iris Robertson, at the home: father of Mrs. Ruth Warner, Spokane Valley; Mrs. Rachel Schmellina and Robert Robertson, both of Spokane; James Robertson, Oakland, Alvin Robertson. Spokane Valley: 6 grandchildren; brother of Mrs.

Tishie Spauqv, Shawnee, Mrs. Cora Porter, Ada, Henry Robertson, Winfield, Luther Robertson. Dale, several newphews. A Clarence Robertson, Shawnee, Okla. member of Newport Lodge No.

144, Newport, Zillah Chapter. No. 111. Order of Eastern Newport, member of Washinaton Retired Teachers Association and the National Retired Teachers Association. Funeral services Wednesday, Auq.

9 at 11 a.m., from the ALWIN CHAPEL of the HAZEN JAEGER FUNERAL HOME, N1306 MONROE ST. Burial services at Greenwood Memorial Terrace. LOCHTU, Frank E. (88)-Funeral services 3 p.m. Tuesdav, Aug.

8, from the CHAPEL of the CHIMES, GERAGHTY FUNERAL HOME, N1322 MONROE Rev. James T. Albertson officiatina. Interment Willamette Na. tional Cemetery.

Portland. Ore. His home, E1408 Empire. A SpanishAmerican War veteran and a member of the Methodist Church. CARD OF THANKS 14 WE WISH to express our deep gratitude to our many friends and relatives, and to the United States Marine Corps.

Navy and Coast Guard. for the kindness. sympathy and beautiful floral offerings in our recent bereavement. The family of S. Sat.

Robert E. Skierkiwicz. U.S.M.C CEMETERIES ONE Space: Geranuim section, Riverside Memorial Gardens. $100 cash, FA 8-8484. 2 LOTS, Memorial Gardens.

FA7 4771. Mornings. FUNERAL DIRECTORS 18 Hazen Jaeger FUNERAL HOMES IN SPOKANE N1306 Monroe FA 7-6666 Lockhart, SATUESDAY 11 a.m. Alwin Chapel Beaughan, John Henry 12 noon Gothic Chapel Flanders, Angelina Anna p.m. Alwin Chapel Beaughan, John Henry 1:30 p.m.

Spangle, Wash. Cemetery Buchanan, Barbara A. 2 p.m.. Gothic Chapel Kalinoski, William J. 7:30 p.m...

Alwin Chapel WEDNESDAY Robertson, Robert L. a.m. Alwin Chapel Huggar, Mary Ellen p.m. ANNOUNCED Alwin Chapel TO BE Runkel, SPOKANE VALLEY N1306 FA 7-6666 RULE FUNERAL SERVICE Hazen Jaeger FA 7-6666 LOST 28 SMALL white dog. Poodle, wirehaired terrier mixed.

Green collar. Hilivard area. child's pet. Reward. HU 3-8239.

BOY'S wallet, July 30th. Please return important papers. David Petersen, 406-826-3297. Collect. Paradise, Montana, LONG Silver-Blackhaired pup.

Shadie area. Answers to "Puppy." Reward. FA 8-5200. MISSING AMC 5-speed Stingray, aold, chrome fenders. License J3957, FA 7-1671.

BROWN leather billfold. Extremely important paper. Reward. Call FA 8-6553. BROWN leather billfold, important credential cards.

keepsake pictures. reward. HU 3-4209. FAIRGROUNDS ball park. Bulova.

23 automatic watch. Reward. RI74675. REWARD, Black Scotty red collar, crippled child pets. KE 5-5865.

WHITE purse, and personal mementos, Reward, Local 299-3956. CHILD'S pet, salt-pepper Shepherd Huskie, Five Mile area. FA 7-3819. FOUND 30 BIKE, Huffy, In Citv. Identify.

Pay ad. FA 8-2522. ANNOUNCEMENTS 32 BILLS PRESSING? LET IRON THEM OUT. LET US combine your bills into one low payment vou can afford. Developed by the country's leadino budget experts and tested bv 000 familles In 39 maior American cities.

IF vol Owe Pay as little as $1,000 $15 per week $2.000 $25 per week $3.000 $35 per week Get Quick, Convenient And Inexpensive BIll Payment Rellet While Gettina Out of Debti Financial Adjustment Co. 309 MOHAWK SPO. WN W515 RIVERSIDE MA 4-9201 EVES and HOME OFFICE Appointments-24-Hour Service STATE REGULATED Bill Plan TO AVOID Bills Pressing Groups All Payments Into One Small Pavment 11 vou owe Pay as low as $1.000 $15 a week 2,000 35 a week 3,000 a week NO1 A LOAN COMPANY No collateral or co-signers needed World's most experienced CREDIT MANAGEMENT CO. CREDIT INC. 420 Symons Bidg S7 Howard TE 8-1487 Free evening nome appointments "OUT WRITE or call collect IN DEBT? Beyond vour ability to payt See Solberg Assoc.

I Inc. investigate betore you acti Out of town? -Write! E7202 Soraque WA 4-6044 WE NEED WHAT YOU NO LONGER NEED FOR THOSE WHO DO. ST, VINCENT de PAUL Society. E2901 Trent "HAVE A DRINKING PROBLEM?" ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS W119 Seventh Ave. MA 4-1442 GUARDIAN CREDIT CO.

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Hair removal, wrinkle filling by ElectroloNo contracts, no high pressure. You pay for what you want, and when you want it. Ladies only. By appointment, RI 7-2490. BOBBY Wayne, and "The Two Vinces" appearing af "The Barbary N222 Stevens.

SMCRGASBORD Frl. 5-10, Sat. 5-10, Sun. 12-7 Dancing Friday Saturday Nite LEO'S WORLEY CLUB A short drive to Worley, Idaho ROCKFORD Bay Marina, Coeur d'Alene Lake. Fried chicken buffet at 5 Sun.

at 3. Open Thursday through Sun. CLARK House, Hayden Lake, steaks. Katy at the Organ, Fri. Sat.

HANK Geo Smorgasbord WA 6-2313 N1515 Argonne (Closed Mon. Tues.) THE Copper Grill is there. On Division St. -That's where BEAUTY SCHOOLS 40 BACK TO SCHOOL DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN ESTHERS SCHOOL OF BEAUTY N233 Post RI 7-3088 BE A CAREER BEAUTICIAN ENROLL NOW FOR CLASSES MR. LEE'S BEAUTY SCHOOL W819 Riverside TE 8-4426 SPRING $4.95 UD CLASSES STARTING RENNET School af Reautv RI 7.0842 BARBER SCHOOLS 41 DAN'S BARBER COLLEGE STATE VA APPROVED E38 Wellesley eve.

classes. HU 7-9088 STATE VA. AFL-CIO approved. MOLER'S W418 Main Spokane Union G.I. Approved Reids College W1113 1st RI 7-9519 Schools and Colleges HIGH School at home In spare time.

American School MA 4-1256 Help Wanted -Female 48 Many Needed. Salary Tops CAREERS W702 1st TE 8-4251 GOODRICH EMPLOYMENT SERV. Nat'l 911 Bank Bldg. Help Wanted -Female 48 UNLIMITED Tired and OPPORTUNITY seem to be getting nowhere! Now is the time to do something important. You owe it to vourself and vour family.

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and 140 vears of successful know how. Interviews, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. R. E.

BEHM ASSOC. E7 Baldwin (Upstairs Offices) LET ACME Teletype gen ofc. 260 Acme Personnel WORK FOR YOU Exec, sectv. to administrator $550 FC lumber bookkeeper 400 Ofc. nurse 9-6 5 dav 400 Secty, dictaphone It.

SH 400 Exec. 450 Recept. bkpr, sales 400 Credit mar. prefer retail 350 Cashier bkor 294 Ledger posting 300 PBX cord board shifts 295 School secty 11 mo lob 300 Return items teller 300 Nite keypunch 2.00 Dwntwn: 524 ONB Bida. RI 7-6011 Valley: E8906 Spraque WA 4-2011 N.

Side: 517 Shadle Cen. FA 6-1011 ROBERTS PLACEMENT (formerly Strang) $300 MED SECTY, know ins. forms, posting, dictaphone $275 STENO, good with figures, good skills, sharp $300 NCR MACHINE, cycle billina, need car, good sense $325 varied duties, top skills, busy office $277 COUNTER SALES, type, need use judgment, smarts 714 Paulsen Bida. W421 Riverside ONE cook and baker needed in school lunch program. Medical, Lake School District, No.

326, will be interviewing for these positions Wednesday, August 9, from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Election made on personal interview only. Call office, 299-3156 (Spokane exchange), for interview. Starting salary $270 and $295.

Interviews held in the Administration Office in the Medical Lake Elementary School. WANTED Ladies to take del. orders for Fuller Brush Co. in following areas. Colville, Kettle Northport, Newport, Rockford Sandpoint, $3 per hour avge.

comm. Phone WA 6- 3202 or FA 7-2395, or apply at E202 Sharp, Spokane. REGISTERED NURSE NIGHT SHIFT Top wages, meals provided, Blue Cross insurance, pleasant workina conditions in Spokane's new extended care facility. MA 4-1161 HOUSEKEEPER, college administrator's home. of town.

2 school children. Prepare meals. Light cleaning. Some entertaining. Must be well qualified.

Private living quarters. $375 month, board and room. Phone Mrs. Peterson, FA 8- 9810, Washington State Employment. Equal Opportunity Employer.

STENO Work in several different areas for pleasant people at well established co. $335. Call Doris. ALLIED PERSONNEL N2925 Monroe FA 8-5930 HAVE you been thinking about the cost of school clothina this year? Why not make the extra money with a part-time career as a Sarah Coventry Fashion Show Director. No investment, collectina or delivery.

WA 4-1090, 8 to 10 a.m. 3-girl ofc. E. Side $375 Exec, school secy, Need Sept. $500 Receptionist, SP.

HP $325 Fig, clerk, Purch. Dept. Side Tops P.T. 6 5 day $217 ABLE N4407 Div. HU 7-2735 HOUSEKEEPER, live-in, wife in hospital.

Will consider couple. Must like dogs. Liberty Lake. References, required. Write Box 24 this newspaper.

START earning substantial income now. Represent Avon in a convenient neighborhood territory we train you. Comm. Call FA 7-4100. PERMANENT position for licensed instructor.

Contact Mrs. Smith, NO 2-6452, Revel's School of Beauty Wenatchee, Wash. ROOM board, small wage, light housekeeping, 2 school-age children, call before 11 a.m. or Sunday and Monday. HU 9-4299.

ONE, service neat attractive girl 18-25 for station attendant, Permanent. Apply in person 10-2, Bobbi's Economy, N3616 Market. RELIABLE, mature sitter. Live-in or out. 5 davs week.

3 children. $5 per dav. Call after 6 p.m. WA 6- 2510. WAITRESSES.

Zupan's Restaurant and Lounge, N5102 Market. Hillvard. Apply in person. BABY SITTER. Light housekeeping.

Mv home. 5-day week, references required. HU 7-2584, evenings. SITTER, days. my home.

Reliable, Audubon area. Call after 6 p.m.: FA 8-4573. RELIABLE, mature women for companionship and light housekeeping. FA 8-5585. BABYSITTER my home, Monday, through Friday, start Sept.

KE 5-1975. BABY-SITTER, starting Sept. 5, a.m, tion, 10 E14124 4:30 p.m., own transportaRich, after 4:30. EXPERIENCED cook, part time. 45 bed nursing home.

MA 4-3244 or MA 4-6297 after 5:00. EXPENIENCED uphoistery seamstress, part-time. FA 8-2415, N1825 Ash. HOUSEKEEPER for bachelor, out of town, write Box 38, care this newspaper. RELIABLE sitter to live in country home care for small children.

Call after 5. WA 6-3106. MIDDLE-Aged lady for, housekeeper 7 p.m. 5-1614. for 2.

Non Call collect after FUN, interesting, easy work selling Baum Toys. Comm. FA 6-0781, or WA 6-6471. CHAUFFEUR, housekeeper. $100, steady, live-in, nice home, RI 7-0180.

R.N., TO 11 full-time. 70-bed nursina home. WA 6-3547. REGISTERED nurse. Open.

FA S. 5441, FA 5-4240. EXPERIENCED fry cook, must be fast. HU 3-1090 after 7:30 p.m. BABYSITTER from Sept.

to June my home. N.W. FA 7-9415. FAST, experienced waitress, apply 10 to 11 a.m., N1329 Hamilton. WANTED: Full-time hairdresser.

KE 4-0689. GO-GO girl wanted. Pay top wages. Omak, Washington, contact 826-2021. BABY-sitting, light, housework, 8 until 4.

KE 5-1886, after 6. NURSES Aides, 7-3 shift, experienced only. S518 Browne, RELIABLE sitter, live-in, weekends off. 3 children. Call FA 8-6845 after 4.

LIVE- IN Housekeeper, semi-invalid mother, 3 small children. WA 4-2976. OCCASIONAL baby sitter, my home. References required. FA 8-9150.

PART TIME usherettes. Fox Theatre, Apply Tuesday, 1-4 p.m. only. HELP WANTED- Male 50 SINGLE man, good moral character, year 'round job on wheat, cattle ranch. State age, qualifications, salary expected.

Private bunkhouse, board furnished. References, please. Write Box 40 care of this newspaper. NEED line mechanic, but prefer experlenced G.N. man, not necessary, Flat rate with good fringe benefits.

See Warren at Robideaux Motors, E1603 Sherman, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, WANTED: Experienced alignment mechanic for front end work in an established Ford dealership. 50-50, $7 per hr. flat rate. Call Larry Broenneke, Delta Ford Sales, Moscow, Idaho, Phone 882-2563. $160 PER WEEK 2 established Fuller Brush routes open.

Part-time available evenings. Earn $4 per hr. comm. Phone FA 2395 or WA 6-3202. or apply at E202 Sharp.

BODY man needed, will prefer take metal and paint man but metal man. Working conditions excellent plus fringe benefits. See Bud or Warren at Robideaux Motors, E1603 Sherman. Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. BUILDING material salesman, experience preferable, national concern, paid vacations, profit-sharing, health insurance.

Write Box 44, care of this newspaper. WANTED Year-around Good area, manager local, for bowling alley. good References required. Write Box 10, care of this newspaper. NEED dependable man with local experience, used capable auto of parts taking and full charge wrecking yard operation.

Write Box 20, care this newspaper. COLLEGE student or man needing supplemental income to work in small store eveninas and weekends. Minimum wage. WA 4-3548. COLLEGE STUDENT Medical Asst.

p.m. $327 OBERG PERSONNEL AGENCY 509 Great Western Bldg. MA 4-9148 EXPERIENCED gas and disel driver for loagina truck and some highwav. References. Call STillwell 4-2311.

Entiat. JOURNEYMAN barber wanted Pullman. Straight chair this rental. Write Box 30, care paper. EXPERIENCED shoe salesman, top salary, job.

full-time Hills work. Shoes, Also parttime Apply: town. HELP WANTED- Continued -Male 50, UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY Tired and seem to be getting nowhere! Now is the time to do something important. You owe it to vourself and your family. You could provide them with everything they deserve if you worked for us in educational books courses.

We Require: Honesty 2. Neat appeaance Ambition 4. Dependable 5. Automobile It qualified we promise a complete training school program. $520 per month to start, plus commissions, bonus and company fringe benefits.

Our people average $18,000 per vear. This could be your opportunity you sincerely desire to make more money and are hungry to possess the things it will buv. we will furnish you with the materials, schooling, and 140 vears of successful know how. Interviews 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

R. E. BEHM ASSOC. E7 Baldwin (Upstairs Offices) INSTRUMENT TECHNICIAN Experienced In adiustment, bration, cleaning and repair of electrically recording operated equipment process in control mineral and beneficiation plant or similar facility required. Must be willing to relocate.

perience. Salary Opportunity commensurate for with growth. exExcellent fringe benefits. APPLY IN PERSON or send qualification to COMINCO AMERICAN PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT W818 Riverside Spokane GENERAL TELEPHONE CO. OF THE NORTHWEST EQUIPMENT MAN North Idaho area for microwave and class associated equipment.

Second or better F.C.C., radio-telephone license required. EQUIPMENT MAN Eastern Wash. or north Idaho location. Central office installation and central office, maintenance. Experience desirable, Phone MO 7-7481, Ext.

214 or write Box 1179, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83814. An equal opportunity employer EDITOR Challenging assignment in emplove communications with a worldwide employer. Primary responsibilinclude the editorship of a biweekly, plant newspaper and the preparation of other internal communications for management and employes. Applicants must have a fournalism degree, at least one year of newspaper or comparable professional experience desirable. Starting salary $8,000, or above, based on background and experience, liberal fringe benefits.

Send complete resume, including salary history to: A. D. Cameron ITT Federal Support Services A Subsidiary of ITT Richland, Wash. 99352 An equal opportunity employer. 2 Men Wanted From WENATCHEE, OMAK, OKANOGAN, MOSES LAKE OTHELLO, KELLOGG, COEUR D'ALENE, SANDPOINT, BONNERS FERRY Permanent employment, $537 per mo.

or comm. Your choice. Bring wife, if possible. E5111 Trent, Tuesday, Auq. 8, 2 p.m.

Kitchen equip- GENERAL TELEPHONE CO. OF THE NORTHWEST Equipmentman Wenatchee area, for microwave and associated equipment. Second class or better F.C.C. radio-telephone license required. Phone MO 7-7481, Ext.

214 or write Box 1179, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83814. An Equal Opportunity Employer. BELTONE, world's largest exclusive manufacturer of hearing aids and hearing test equipment has openinas for two local field consultants. This is a challenging and highly rewardina opportunity for an aqaressive young man who wants to get ahead fast. Earn while vOU learn.

Age 21 to 30. RI 7-3997. POPULAR AUTO DEALERSHIP Needs one combination body and paint man. One tuneup and overhaul. Prefer G.M.

experience. Excellent conditions. Top pay, fringe benefits, insurance program, list references and experience. Write Box 3, care of this newspaper. BROILERMAN Top Co.

Permanent. Good hours. Local. Start now. $520.

Call: ALLIED PERSONNEL N2925 Monroe FA 8-5930 OFFICE MANAGER Sharp poised personality girl to take charge of office Chance for advancement great $275. Call Jerry, WA 4-6200 Snelling and Snelling Personnel Consultants. RADIO repairman, F.C.C., 2nd phone necessary. Aircraft or communication experience desired. Call weekdays, KE 5-3072 for interview appointment.

WANT experienced multiple line insurance adjuster. Excellent working conditions, salary commensurate with experience. Car furnished. Call Colfax, Wash. Exbrook collect.

WANTED young married man for year-around employment on wheat and cattle ranch. C. F. White, Lamont, 257-2363. MOTEL Desk clerk, nights, downtown, some auditing, background necessary.

Write Box 47, care this newspaper. COMBINATION warehouseman, truck driver, must know building materials, apply Riverside Distributors Inc. E2503 Riverside. KE 5-3685. SALARY to $750, excellent training Management opportunity for career man.

Call TE 8-3174, American United Life for appointment. COMBINATION body man and paint: er, good quarantee. Write or call Colfax Body Repair. EX 7-2391. TAXI Drivers.

Must be over 25. Know city. See Mr. Wolfley mornings. S11 Jefferson.

DON'S Stereo Center needs technician with 2nd class license. Call HU 7-6460 for appointment. EASY to learn light work. We train you. Full or part time.

Rawleigh Products. WA 4-3008. Comm. HANDY MAN needed. Room and board plus $80 monthly.

No drunks. 233-2211. Loon Lake. CARPENTER. Good all-around man.

Steady work, 233-2211. Loon Lake. RAINBOW COMPANY W1026 Shannon FA 6-1920 20-30 $3.75 hr. Careers W702 1st TE 8-4251 PERIODICAL Publishers Serv. Bureau Sales Service, ONB.

RI 7-2901 HELP Continued MARKET RESEARCH TRAINEES Applicants Must: 1. Be college trained (minimum, 2 years) 2. Have figure aptitude 3. Work with detail 4. Relocate to permanent assignment 5.

Own car, or be able to purchase one We Offer: 1. Leading company in its industry 2. Career opportunity 3. Advancement on merit 4. No selling 5.

Six month training program 6. Car allowance; expenses 7. $575 to start-Additional $50 monthly living allowance for family men during training. Send resume in confidence; stating EDUCATION, MARITAL STATUS, MILITARY STATUS, PHONE NO. AND ADDRESS.

Write Box 34 Care This Newspaper INTERVIEWING WILL BE: August 20-21 An Equal Opportunity Employer OFFICER City of Seattle $615 $670 Age 23-32 needed by City of Seattle Police Department. Interesting work, advancement, security. liberal fringe benefits, Minimum 5' 145 high school grad (or GED), good character and physical condition. Exams will be held at Spokane Mon. Aug.

21. Wash. State Employment Service, N1212 Howard, FA 8-9810 for information and exam appointment. ACME Sales-to drua variety 6000 Credit mar-local 5700 Grad-sell food line 6700 General office-bkpr 4800 auto equip-quar 5400 Inspector -engineer 6000 Food-local-car exp. Programmer-1400 7200 Sr acct-staff position 7400 Sales-transp-quar Food sales no fee 6300 Acct-temporary-3 mos.

650 Acme Personnel Dwntwn: 524 ONB Bida. RI 7-6011 Valley: E8906 Spraque WA 4-2011 N.Side: 517 Shadle Cen. FA 6-1011 PLANT ENGINEER Wanted. $15,000 per year plus extras. New 80MM capacity Lumber Manufacturing Firm in south eastern Oregon needs engineer to set Up preventative maintenance program and supervise maintenance and light construction.

Degree in Mechanical Enaineering desirable but not necessary. For interview write complete resume to Box D-3 care this news- paper. Brick Mason Journevman to rebuild baking oven furnaces in industrial plant. Permanent work with excellent fringe benefits. Intalco Aluminum Corporation, Box 937, Ferndale, Washington.

SALES MANAGER Wanted. Salary $18,000 per year plus extras. New 80 MM Pine and White Fir Sawmill in southeastern Oregon. No Travelina. Applicant must have good background in Lumber Sales.

For interview write complete resume of experience 10 Box D-4 care this newspaper. SALES Top notch Natl. Comp. Selling to Mills Future unlimited for right man Start $7200 Car Bonus Comm. Call Joan, WA 4-6200.

Snelling and Snelling Pers. E9822 Spraque Ave. WANTED Distributive education teacher for Lewiston Senior High School. Write Box 662, Lewiston, Idaho, or phone 743-2545. HELP Wanted General 52 POSITION open for man and wife as custodian and cook at small elementary school.

Contract bus drivina job available. Housing furnished. Excellent position for couple on Social Security. Hooper Elementary School, Bill Evans, clerk. Hooper, Washington.

ENGINEERING Portland," Ore. consulting firm has a permanent opening for a civil or sanitary engineer. College degree preferred. Experienced designer of water sewage and treatment facilities. Apply Washington State Employment Service, $17 Washington Spokane.

HOUSEPARENTS for local children's home. Prefer couple without children. Wages, board, room, laundry. WA 6-1027. HOST or hostess for new Spokane restaurant.

Experience necessary. Write Box 48, care this newspaper. CHERRY pickers, commercial orchard. Adults and younger people with adults. Apply E5015 Buckeye at Upriver Drive, 5 a.m.

LABORATORY technologist, 3 vrs. college, TE 8-8644. internship. Salarv open. SCHOOL Bus drivers, over 25, men or women.

FA 7-8776, or FA 7-4374, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., only. MIDDLE Aged couple to manage apartments. Exchange for rent, FA 8-7580. BEAUTICIAN with following, best percentage.

New Salon. Lee Nichols. Fox Theatre Blda. RI 7-7460. APARTMENT manager, Cheney, mature couple, rent allowance.

MA 3954, COOK AND WAITRESS. Call Mr. Moore, Wilbur. 7-2271 Salespeople Wanted 54 LONG-established real estate office has opening for one salesman, with an opportunity to work into the profitable mortgage, insurance and appraisal business. MANCHESTER SCHEEL 517 Hyde Building 4-8212 S-R 50c Fashion Pattern A wide hip-riding belt accents the long, slimming torso of this easyswinging culotte-dress.

It's designed to bring new-found freedom of movement to the youthful miss. No. 1493 with PHOTOGUIDE is in sizes 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16 and 18. Bust to 38, Size 11, bust, culotte, yards of 45-inch; blouse yards. To order send 50 cents in coins plus 15 cents each for firstclass mail and special handling, Barbara Bell, S-R, P.O.

Box 99, Station New York, N.Y. 10019. Print Name, Address with Zip Code, Style Number and Size. Get a head start on up-to-the minute styling with the new Fall Winter '67 issue of Basic Fashion. Only '50 1493 7.18 cents a copy.

Salespeople Wanted 54 Continued EXCELLENT PROPOSITION Vast appeal to thousands, SUCcessful. organization with reputatation beyond reproach has recently increased pay arrangements and created several new positions which are now open. This makes available tremendous opportunities for ambitious person capable of handing exciting account sales and service work. No asking people 10 buy, no cold canvass or door-todoor, and no seasonable lay-offs. Men selected must be able to start work immediately.

SEE MR. HYSONG at the Travelodge Motel Wednesday Washington Health Services, Inc. JOIN The Dodge Rebellion You too can cash in on TOP earnings, powerful advertising sellina cars and trucks. We will train you. Prefer over 23 vrs.

with family. See Mr. Myers or Mr. Hollingsworth at Dodge City in person only 2-4 p.m. daily.

No phone please. NATION'S LARGEST TOOL MERCHANDISE Needs salesman. Established territory, sell and service displays. Commission plus bonus, Salary while training. No age limit.

Must be bondable and have qood car. Call Bill Daiker, TE 8-8585. GETTING If you earn less than $7,000 perhaps vou should try selling. MEN who have never sold, have doubled national their earnings manufacturer in sales. Elec- We of trolux domestic commercial appliances.

Commission plus bonus plan. Ph. FA 7-6636. SALES BOOKMEN BRAND NEW DEAL PAYS 40 per cent on $389 pka. Sell civilian or military.

Any age, any rank. No credit check, daily pay. Call collect (714) 639-1500. Standard Enterprises. REAL ESTATE SALES MGR.

For Res. Dept. Very well known, aggressive office. All phases of brokerage. Write in confidence, Box 39, care this newspaper.

NEED energetic producer specializinq in commercial properties. Have built-in buyers. Liberal commission arrangement. Call Jim Wilde, Western National Realty, HU 3-8521. STUDENTS ava.

$2.32 hourly Apply Watkins weekdays, 8-10 a.m., or 3-5 N1604 Monroe. Call FA 6-1102 KIRBY openinas. sales, service. TEACHERS AGENCIES 60 Trachers Placed in All States CLARK BREWER HUFF $107 Howard MA 4-1403 Situations 64 EXPERIENCED SECRETARY Desires Perm. Position Write Box care this newsSECRETARY Typing, accounts receivable, payroll, machines, general office.

Apt. 54, 7-9135. ADULT, general housework. Laundry, Monday, Thursday. Permanent, references.

KE 4-7752. DAY work, cleaning, experienced, $1.50 bus fare. HU 9-2698, 5-8 p.m. LADY would like housekeepina job in country. Write Box 45 care this newspaper.

IRONING, $1 hr. FA 7-9231, WILL do general sewing In mv home, Reasonable, FA 8-7765, IRONING, excellent work. $1 per hour. HU 9-1737. Situations Wanted -Male 66 LADY wishes babysitting 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

days. Also high school girl wishes babysitting after school weekends. 50 cents hour. FA 7-7490. CARE elderly, housekeeper.

vacationing parents. Non-drinkler, nonsmoker, FA 7-8312. CURTAINS, tablecloths laundered. Pick up, delivery Mondays, Thursdays. Bates, HU 7-9447.

DEPENDABLE man wants work. Prefer part-time or evening. FA 7- 1659. NEED yard general labor. Avallable, day or night, MA 4-0476.

Situation Wanted -Gen. 68 MATURE, dependable, bondable couple wants apartment managerial position, FA 8-4076, evenings and weekends. WORK BY CONTRACT 70 Complete Remodeling Interior -exterior In town or out Terms. Refs. Licensed.

Bonded. Dor McGrady, FA 8-2200. FA 8-1950. BUILDING- REMODELING In town or out, large or small jobs, free estimates. Bonded, licensed, insured.

MA 4-9034 after 5. REMODELING, cement work, qarage doors hung, hot water heater installation, roof repairs, house painting. Gowin Good Contractors, FA 6-0722. Const. FA 8-3858 Siding.

Roofing, Remodeling SAVE! ROOFING. Bonded. Excellent application. Personal references, quaranteed work. 15 Yrs.

experience. Ri74669. HOME remodeling, custom-built garages, patios, fences, Interior paneling, painting, etc. Low summer prices. WA 4-2524.

"CEMENT small jobs, big jobs. Patios, floors, driveways my specialty. Best of references. HU 3-3878, evenings. TREE-trimming.

topping, removal shrubbery, yard work. Free estimates. MA 4-7139. patios, walls, porches, walks, driveBURKHART concrete construction. ways.

HU 3-4594. WELL DRILLING JIM SAGER WA 6-3059 WA 6-7926 PAINTING. interior, exterior. Work guaranteed. Reasonable.

Free estimates, KE 5-3429. ROOFING repairs, aluminum, asbestos siding. North Side Roofing, FA 7-2425. ROOFING, siding. Excellent application.

Free estimates. Insured, guaranteed. HU 7-2267. QUALITY painting, reasonable, rellable. Estimates.

References. FA 7- 3270, between 2-4 p.m. CEMENT Curbs, walks, driveways. Licensed. Bonded, Free estimates.

HU 3-1319. ROOFING Licensed Bonded WA 6-5831 WATER well drilling and clean-outwork WA 4-0592. WA 4-3155. FLOOR sanding, finishing. 30 Years experience.

(Andy Anderson.) HU 7-0171. MANPOWER, TE 8-8531, Bonded vard work, janitorial. painting. and insured. CONCRETE work.

Driveways, patios, etc. Fine work. Reasonable. HU 7-0677. WIRING PLUMBING.

Terms. We like small iobs. Gintz Plumbing Elec. FA 8-4800 RUBBISH hauling. Basem*nts and garbages cleaned.

Experienced. Reasonable. HU 7-3554. CERAMIC TILE New-Remodel-Repair RI 7-6455 WOMEN wallpapering, painting, lanitorial, experienced, reference. WA 6-1139.

PAPERHANGING, paintina, show samples, quaranteed. Free estimates. HU 7-2397, Hudlow. PLASTERING, patchina, inside foundations. Stuccoina, remodelina.

Oscar Giese, MA 4-8661. PAINTING, papering, 1st class, inside onlv. Estimates, references. KE 4-1810. ALL types building, remodeling and cement work.

Town Country. Reasonable prices. HU 9-4201. CARPENTRY, new and remodeling town. Country cement work.

FA 8-0678. PAINTING, interior, exterior. Free reasonable. Work, quaranteed. KE 5-2856.

YOUNG man wants steady work. Willing to learn. Will consider anything. AL 5-6285. CARPENTER with remodelina experience.

Warehouse and truck drivIna. Odd jobs. KE 4-8537. YOUNG man needs full time work. FA 8-6612.

Kim. SEAMLESS FLOORING Atlas, N3221 Monroe, FA 7-4178 RUBBISH and general hauling. Reasonable, HU 9-4576 or HU 7-5069. BULLDOZING, dirt hauling and loading. Basem*nts.

FA 5-1924. Cement work FA 8-5520 ROCK walls built, repaired. Lava rock. HU 7-9778, HU 9-1888. FIREPLACES CHIMNEYS BUIL Repaired.

Remodeled KE 4-8767 CONCRETE work, all kinds. Free estimates. TE 8-3859. EXCAVATION. septic tanks, drain fields, ditches, WA 4-6211, WA 6-9817.

EXPERT clean painting, $1.75 hr. References, FA 8-8972 after 5 p.m. HAULING -FAST -REAS. CALL FOR LEE, HU 7-8360 Sewers--Kelly KE 4-4211 PLASTER AND STUCCO WORK 7-4347 RAY SMITH HU Plba. Wimmer KE 5-3469 CONTRACT framing, building, garages, and remodelina.

WA 4-6436, FIRST-class building, remodeling Embrey by hour or contract. FA 7-7266. CONCRETE work, reasonable, small jobs only, TE 8-1165. WA 6-1159. GARAGES, patios, new lawns.

Free estimates. Chuck Ellis, WA 4-5163. ROTOVATING anvwhere Jim Olinger 60" Tillers. WA WA 6-6201. SHRUBS.

Tree, trimming. Removal. Hauling. 7-9275. TREES topped or removed, lowest rates possible.

Free est. RI 7-3227. BULLDOZING DIRT HAULING ROY H. ALDERMAN, HU 7-7880. PLUMBING, old lead repairs, new bathrms Ests aladty EA 5.9478 RUBBISH hauling of all kinds.

Reasonable. Free estimates. FA 7-3279. The Spokesman-Review, WORK BY CONTRACT 70 Continued OUR BUSINESS IS IMPROVING All types remodeling. kitchens rec.

rms. Roofing, sidina. free est Licensed -Bonded Insured Time paymts. HU 9-3201. FA 7-3238 PAINTING, exterior.

Free estimates. Reasonable, HU 7-0117. Dressmaking, Tailoring 72 DRESSMAKING, alterations, tailor. ing, shoe repairing, shoe N2415 Monroe. FA 8-4463.

FURS repro. capes. sroies made $35 New stoles N2937 Conk HU 7-6360 PROFESSIONAL DRAPERIES. Quick service reasonable, Lou's, FA 5-4812. TV-RADIO HI-FI Sales 90 COLOR TV, up to $200 off.

AA Radio, MA 4-6274, TV-RADIO HI-FI Serv. 92 PICTURE tubes, 12.50 and up. Blq discount, color tubes; AA Radio, MA 4-6274. Musical Instruments 94 HAMMOND ORGAN PIANO STUDIOS 1ST MONROE USED ORGANS PIANOS Hammond M3, organs tops $1,095 Hammond $695. A100 Conn console $495.

organ Baldwin $2,195. Lowery Small organs Save TE 8-8312 Your Exclusive Hammond Dealer Magnavox Home Entertainment Cr 1ST MONROE PARKING IN BACK Kimball Music Center Sampson-Ayers Music Co. Offers Special Purchase on beautiful spinet pianos by KIMBALL. Choice of or cherry. Terms to suit your need.

Free parking in rear. W915 First Ave. MA 4-3193 CHECK THE PRICES ON NEW KIMBALL PIANOS And then buy them for $100. and pay LOW Monthly Carving Charge made possible by financing our own contracts at HOFFMAN MUSIC CO. W923 RIVERSIDE MA 4-5201 BE PREPARED FOR FALL LES.

SONS. RENT your PIANO while the stock is complete. Have SIX (not 2 or 3) months Rent Credit on future purchase. WE finance our own contracts! HOFFMAN MUSIC CO. W923 Riverside MA 4-5201 PRACTICE PIANOS Choose now while large selection available and low summer prices in effect.

Terms like rent. Free W915 FIRST 4-3193 parking in rear. SAMPSON-AYERS MUSIC, CO. USED ORGAN SALE Hammond A100 Console M100 spinet M3 with Leslie. Also Baldwin and Thomas spinets.

Big savings now. Free parking in rear. SAMPSON-AYERS MUSIC CO. W915 First MA 4-3193 I NEED USED TRADE YOURS NOW FOR A NEW THOMAS ORGAN GET 1 YEAR FREE LESSONS RENT new THOMAS $10 per mo. RENT PIANO $5 PER MONTH SQUIRES E118 Wellesley HU 9-2020 S.E.C.

A CONN EXCLUSIVE. AND A DECIDED ADVANTAGE TO YOU. Davis Hosch BOONE AT MONROE, FA 7-4441 Sales- Rentals -Lessons "Specials on Gultars" BLESSING MUSIC CENTER N2209 Monroe FA 6-1241 NICE USED WURLITZER Organ. Only $495. Nothing down, $16 per mo.

ELECTRO MART E3611 Spraque 1891 STOREY Clark reed walnut pump organ. Action and natural case in excellent condition. $225. FA 5-2339. FREE appraisal on your piano Cash paid for used pianos MURPHY'S PIANO ORGAN W902 1st RI 7-3066 WILL pay cash for your used piano.

Hoffman Music Co. Ask for GOODMAN Buyer, MA 4-5201. FIRST chair clarinet, LeBlanc Arfiste model, fine grenadilla wood, $175, RI 7-1833. NEW cello, used 6 FA 7- 8207,, call between 3 and 5 or late evening. BEAUTIFUL Wurlitzer Spinet piano, hardly ever used.

Priced for quick sale, $425. S4015 Sherman, RI 7-1855. WILL pay cash for your used pianc Hoffman Music Co. Ask for GOODWIN Buver MA 4-5201 HAMMOND electric organ. MU 4- 6471 days, MU 4-4215 evenings, Colville.

ORGANIST wanted for combo. Preferred 15 or 16 years old. South Side residence. RI 7-6718. BEAUTIFUL old piano and music bench, Grand piano keyboard, wonderful tone, $150.

FA 8-5145. $550 NEW electric guitar and amplifier, $250 cash. WA 4-6686. CLARINET, compact case, excellent condition, $75. WA 4-5768.

CABLE-NELSON spinet piano. Excellent condition. $300. FA 7-5806. OLD player piano.

Good condition. E1114 12th. KIMBALL grand piano, $750 Excellent condition. RI 7-8889. Northwestern Organ Chime W921 Riverside TE 8-1492 Housewives Supplies 104 PITTED PIE CHERRIES With or without 12-30 lb.

containers. Also blueberries, $2.98 blackberries, huckleberries, Boysen berries, Bing cherries. Transparent apples from $1.98 big box, apricots, Red Haven peaches, fresh Valley sweet corn. Pickling cukes, bulk 50-grain vinegar, all spices and canning supplies. Renfro's Gardens, E13704 Spraque.

U-PICK sweet cherries, bring containers. mile south Greenbluff store. Cherry Hill Farm. Jim Atkinson. CE 8-6355.

CAN NOW Red Haven peaches, apricots, pickling cukes, NEW POTATOES, $1.95 50-LB. BAG. Walla Walla Sweet onions, $1.95, 50-lb. bag. Pitted pie cherries.

REASONABLE PRICES FARMERS' MARKET E1420 Spraque Phone KE 4-2651 OPEN EVE. SUNDAYS. PEACHES AUGUST 10 10 VARIETIES RICKEY CREEK ORCHARDS Hiway miles south of Kettle Falls, Wash, APRICOTS, this week only, 5 cents You-pick. Tons of tree-ripened fruit. Bring lots of boxes.

Jubilee 8 cents lb. U-pick. All orders filled. Phone Colfax EX 7- 2474. Stacy Eggers, Warm Springs ranch, Penawawa.

REDHAVEN peaches, $2.98, 26-lb. box. Bluelake beans, picked fresh 15c lb. Valley corn, bulk vinegar, pickling cukes, pickling onions. Transparent apples, 1.98.

Opportunity Gardens, Sprague. PEACHES Red Haven, Early, Hale, (Yakima Valley), $3.50 box. Five Mile Prairie, Bale's Berry Produce, FA 8-3109. READY picked Moorepark apricots, last call. Red Bird June cooking apples.

mile E. of Green Bluff store. Marlow, CE 8-6259. PICKLING cucumbers, all sizes, Lambert, Montmorency cherries, picked, or U-pik, WA 6-7848. N5110 Argonne.

U-PICK Royal Ann cherries, 10c pound. Transparent apples. Stanley Van Leuven, mile east, mile north of Green Bluff Store. RED Haven peaches. 8c per pick.

Chris Delegans Sons, Penawawa, EX 7-2453 or EX 7-2486, Colfax. GREEN BLUFF, pie U-pik on T. L. Thompson farm, mile west, mile south of store. Paul Seimers, CE 8-6608.

RASPBERRIES, pick, 15 acres choice picking, $1.50 flat. Michael's Berry Farm. N6500 Harvard, Orchards, WA 6-9051. CHERRIES, excellent picking. Sam Davis, west of Green Bluff Store.

STRICTLY FRESH Dressed Heavy Breed Frvers. No Leghorns. MA 4- 3161. RASPBERRIES u-pik. Jim Psomas, Harvard Rd.

Otis Orchards. WA 4117. YoU Lamberts, pie cherries, and Royal Anne cherries. M. D.

McGinnis, Green Bluff. MONTMORENCY Cherries, 10c lb. U-pick. E17304 Alki. Bring containers.

CHERRIES. ATWOOD ORCHARDS. Green You pick or picked. Excellent picking, all varieties. SWEET corn.

U-pick, excellent, cents dozen. $2202 Progress, WA 3912, WA 6-8009 U-PICK Corn, 30 cents dozen. Beans. E17000 block, Broadway, Veradale. WA 6-6777.

MONTMORENCY cherries, 20-lb. can $2.80. Order now, Bring containers. WA 6-5346. CHOICE locker beef, direct from Pendell feed lot.

CH 4-9576. CHERRIES, Sweet and sour Transparent apples. CE 8-6286. BING Dick and Laws, Greenbluff, cherries, CE 8-6237. U-pick, MOUNTAIN Rancy pie cherries, pik, Z.

E. Keck, Green Bluff. PEACHES, apricots. Riley's 7-7502. Fruit Stand.

N2404 Division. FA CORN, cucumbers, beans, Barker dills, Rd. beets, onions. WA 6-8065. N624 CUCUMBERS and beans.

Echelbarger, N606 Pines, Opportunity. BEANS, pickles, beets, corn, onions and cucumbers. E17021 Broadway, adults. TREE-ripened J. C.

Atwood, Green Bluff. cherries, good picking, BEAUTIFUL Valley We pick or you pick, WA 4-5969, E11922 Alki. RASPBERRIES, U-pick, E23300 6-6129. Wellesley, Otis Orchards, WA Aug: 8, 1967. 19 CLEANERS 118 CALL STARK'S-TE 8-2755 Repairs all makes; free pickup delivery: cleaners loaned while yours is repaired.

W913 Riverside. PARTS service all vacuums Serving you 30 years Boyd's Easy parking E3125 Spraque KE 4-8271 Building Materials 144 Eagle Electric Plumbing SPECIAL PURCHASE OF 3 BASEBOARD HEATERS Lifetime guarantee on elementsOver 1240 heaters. 1750-Watt 13.95 2250-Watt 16.95 2750-Watt 21.95 12-2 Romex w-ground, 250 COIL 10.75 Switch pluq-in boxes 200 Amp. service entrance package complete w-conduit, wire, meter base panel and 18 breakers $74.95 Lighting fixtures, all 30 to 50 pct. discount.

PLUMBING SUPPLIES 3 piece deluxe colored cast Iron bathroom set with all chrome fittinas and shower head, available in avocado, blue, lilac, beige and pink $169.95 Close coupled white toilet $16.95 21x32 Double kitchen sink with fittings $19.95 52 Gallon elec. water heater $44.95 300 Gallon septic tank $42.88 500 Gallon septic tank $59.88 4" fiber sewer pipe 27c foot 17x19" wash basin with faucet and drain $22.95 PLASTIC PIPE COILS 80-lb. pressure $2.79 80 lb. pressure $4.99 80-Ib pressure $8.99 80 lb. pressure $13.95 80 lb pressure $19.95 PREFINISHED PANELING 4'x8' cabin mahoa.

$1.99 4'x8' cabin birch $2.99 4'x7' Natural mahoq. $3.49 4'x8' Natural mahoa. $3.95 4'x8' English Oak $3.49 4'x8' Knotty Spruce $3.95 4'x8' Charcoal Mahoq. $4.49 4'x7' Ivory Tomok. $4.49 BUILDING SUPPLIES Prefinished birch kitchen cabinets 35.

discount during this sale. 235-lb. tab, 15-vear bond roofina choice of 4 colors $7.99 Brand primed hardboard siding per $175.00 30" prehuna mahoa. door with jamb. hinges, and stop $9.95 4'x8' Sanded Fir.

Plywood $1.98 4x8' Sheetrock (in 30 pcs) $1.68 4x8' Particle board 90-lb. Mineral surfaced roller roofIna $3.49 SPACE GLASS DOUBLE GLAZED Insulatina Aluminum Windows $13.95 3'x3' $23.95 4'x3' $25.95 5'x3' $28.95 Out-of-towners write for Free Mail Order Cataloa Eagle Electric Plumbing SPOKANE W301 Boone, FA 8-0462 MOSES LAKE 211 North Elder RO 5-4548 YAKIMA 201 South First GL. 7-8188 Lumber Sales We meet beat all advertiser prices E1413 Francis Open Sundays PLYWOOD $1.69 $2.89 $2.15 $3.69 4x8 Texture 1-11 Siding $4.47 PRE FINISHED PANELING Birch $1.99 4x8 Walnut 4x8 Rosewood 4x8 Cherry ROOFING 235 3 tab, 15-year Bonded, all colors $7.75 15 lb. felt asphalt, paper roll $2.29 Metal Roofing lin. Hand split shakes $16.40 WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES TVs, ranges, ovens.

freeze. radios, cost plus $10. Nothina Down Easy Terms INSULATION Bia baa pouring wool. Buy 5 97 cents each. Get free.

PAINT Kemtone $4.29 Gallon Outside house paint. Cheapest price in town. LAWN PATIO FURNITURE Top line merchandise 50-pct. Lawn mowers 20-pct. Garden Tools, 25-pct.

UNFINISHED FURNITURE Biggest selection in town. PLUMBING 3-Piece Colored Bathroom Set, Cast iron, complete w-fittings $159.95 ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES 200 amp panel $73.88 Boxes 5 for 12-2 Romex with arnd. $10.70 Lighting Fixtures, 30-50 pct. ELECTRIC BASEBOARD HEAT 1,750 $13.75 2,250 $16.75 2,750 $21.75 GOOD LUMBER Studs 12 for 2x4-2x6 $50 thousand Boards $50 thousand Cedar Siding $90 thousand ALUM WINDOWS SAVE 20 PCT. FLOOR TILE 12x12 9x9 as low as 12x12 Pure vinyl FENCING Metal studded Fence Posts Barbed wire 80 rod roll 4x8 Texture 1-111 Cedar LUMBER SALES E1413 FRANCIS Open Sunday ZIEGLER LUMBER CO.

Certainteed or Celotex Roofing 15 Yr. Bonded FHA Approved $8.10 Sq. FRESH CEMENT Type 1 Portland 94-lb. SK Masonry SK Fiberglass Patio Roofing 4 COLORS per piece per piece 26x12' per piece Cedar Texture 1-11 Siding 4x8 4x9 4x10 Daily 7 a.m.-6 p.m. N4110 Market HU BUILDER'S BARGAIN SUPPLY Pre-hung int, mah.

doors fir plywood std. hd. board Counter topping. Hi pressure lawn .29 90 Lb. roll rfa.

Green 2.98 Fiber glass patio rfq. 5 colors. 8' 3.11 No. Natural Shakes 10.95 C. Cedar Lap Sidina 89.00 No.

Cedar shingles 15.50 BUILDER'S BARGAIN SUPPLY E16413 Spraque WA Spokane Plywood Tenex Bida. Bd. Fir 4' Mahog, Bifold Unit com. 12x24 White Tile c. Particle Board 4x7 Birch Prehuna Mahogany Door, standard size Spokane Plywood N7501 Division HU DISCOUNT LUMBER Metal roofing, choice of patterns Choice of weight lin.

ft. .20 Corral poles, all lengths, cheap. 7-16 x12" Prmd. Hrdbrd side shop piv. Shop ply.

N8003 Market HU FRANCIS AVE. SUPPLY E1819 Francis HU Certainteed Roofing A Name Brand Product Good Stock--Good Color Selection. The Best Roofing Available -235 15-vr. BondRed Black Special $8 WRECKING Ursuline convent Moscow, Idaho. Used brick, lent quality and condition, 3 each.

Other salvage, reasonable, Attendant on duty. a.m. to every day. STEEL bidas all sizes straight 6- fully enclosed. Ex.

41x64 delivered erected $2,774.00 McDonald's Sales, E2429 Marshall, KE 4-9589, DOORS AND WINDOWS Pibq. fixtures, cabinets, Ina. New used bida. timbers Brown Blda. E620 3rd.

SAUNA Dry, Stm. bath Home, KE 4 PELLA windows toiding 30 Della Co CA 9.9400 W310 Roone 6- Crawford Door Sales E7902 Spraque CARDINAL FENCE Allied Industries E1028 Fertilizer Black Dirt SHREDDED bark or aged sawdust, 5 cu. $10.50 del. Nitrogen fortified perma-mulch, 5 cU del $16.50 Call for prices bark sawdust nitrogen fortified perma-mulch, In large loads up 80 cu. vas Moore Perma-Mulch N918 Carnahan Sookane Wash U- 0435.

PEAT humus soil, top soll, bark mulch, manure. Cunningham G. FA 5-1181, FA 8-8497. ON VACATION SEE YOU WHEN WE RETURN Hitchco*ck KE ROTTED sawdust. $1 vd.

Cow nure, top soil. KE Miscellaneous for Sale tioner. Complete. fits all 1960 COOL-pack refrigerated air tiacs. $50, FA 8-6532.

GOOD used TV. $40. FA Chev 3-speed transmission. $2.99 $2.99 sa. foot sa.

deep for off off $1.00 off. $1 5c all 85c $7.49 $4.49 $1.35 $1.30 $3.20 $4.00 $4.80 $4.80 $5.40 $6.00 7-1634 11.95 1.29 1.76 sa.ft. roll ea. sa. sa.

4-2100 $1.39 $2.39 $3.95 $12.95 ft. $1.39 $2.49 any $11.95 9-1960 .21 m160 1.74 2.15 7-2131 7-2784 sa. at excelcents 9 wall Bida. panelalass 0638 doors 4-3032 Let 149 vd. on to KE blends.

4-3436 ma4-1940, 150 condiPon- 7-9824..

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