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Roanoke woman convicted in Jan. 6 riots at U.S. Capitol

Casey Tryon-Castro will be sentenced later, following a 10-day trial in Washington, D.C.'s, federal court that concluded Monday.

Settlement reached in lawsuit filed by tenant of former Del. Marie March

The lawsuit claimed that March harassed and discriminated against a disabled woman living in a Christiansburg apartment Mach owned.

State police identify man shot and killed by Roanoke police

Travis Tauren Martin, 41, of Roanoke, was pronounced dead at the scene of an officer-involved shooting Saturday.

Ax-wielding man shot, killed by police in Roanoke after repeated threats

A man was fatally shot by an officer with the Roanoke Police Department while attempting to serve warrants on Saturday.

New judge to hear challenge of Virginia's withdrawal from clean-air initiative

A Floyd-based conservation group is claiming that Virginia illegally withdrew from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

Roanoke woman convicted of murder has plea deal reversal denied

"I feel like I was tricked into signing the deal," Charlotte Saunders wrote in a March 22 letter to Judge David Carson.

Roanoke police report early Friday shooting

A man was found shot on Tazewell Avenue Southeast.

Ciaffone and Thompson sworn in as judges

    Ciaffone will assume a Circuit Court vacancy on the 23rd Circuit and Thompson will fill Ciaffone's vacated Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court position on the bench.

    Man charged with death of infant in Craig County

      The suspect is originally from Louisiana.

      Teen killed in Roanoke's second unjustified fatal shooting of 2024

        The gunfire incident is the second to kill a teen in the city this year, although police have determined that the first was justifiable.

        Crash report reveals details of fatal Roanoke police pursuit

          The crash report associated with the incident makes no indication that the Roanoke police officer's vehicle ever made physical contact with the decedent's.

          Woman pleads guilty to arson of southeast Roanoke house

            A resident was critically injured in the fire, which destroyed his home, a prosecutor said Wednesday.

            Rocky Mount man indicted on 25 child p*rnography charges

              Luther Henry Wager, 27, was also indicted Monday on two counts of sexual abuse of an animal, according to a news release.

              West Virginia man shot by police Tuesday in Montgomery County

              Jason Lee McDuffy, 44, of Beckley, died at the scene, according to a state police news release Wednesday.

              Roanoke man indicted for November shooting

              Tedin Nire Sanders has a criminal record in Roanoke that dates from July 2023 and includes unresolved wounding, shooting, firearm and robbery charges.

              Police chase ends with shots fired in Montgomery County

              Christiansburg police reported the shots fired incident but did not indicate whether any officers or other individuals were struck by the gunfire.

              Roanoke police report Williamson Road shooting

              Several were injured in what Roanoke police say was a shooting on Williamson Road early Sunday morning.

              Floyd, Christiansburg students face mob charges

              Escalating violence involving teenagers, driven by social media and in some cases their parents, at the picnic area of Floyd’s United Methodist Church on May 8 and 9.

              UVa reaches $9M settlement with families of 2022 shooting victims

              "The settlements approved today is just one small step on this terrible road that these families are on," Elliott Buckner, lawyer for Perry's family, told the press.

              Roanoke man sentenced to 24 years for shooting stepfather

              The fatal January 2023 shooting was the third reported in Roanoke that year.

              Convictions of Blacksburg surgeon reversed by appellate court

              A federal jury convicted Frank Craig Purpera in 2020 of controlled substances violations.

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              Man hospitalized with gunshot wound after northwest Roanoke crash

              The gunfire incident is the eighth to injure but not kill at least one person in the city since Jan. 1, excluding an officer-involved shooting.

              Salem names interim police chief

              Deputy Chief Derek Weeks, 49, has been with the department for 23 years, the city said Wednesday.

              New policing model affecting drop in Roanoke shootings, expert says

              Two Radford University criminal justice professors are helping the city police department implement a crime reduction business model that has improved agency efficiency and accountability.

              Ex-Rocky Mount police officer granted new sentencing for U.S. Capitol riots conviction

              A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that Thomas "T.J." Robertson's prison term was based on erroneous sentencing guidelines.

              Stephen Epperly, convicted of Gina Hall's murder, denied parole again

              Stephen Matteson Epperly, now 72, was found guilty of murdering Radford University freshman Gina Hall the same year she vanished. He continues to serve a life prison sentence.

              Salem man charged with shooting, stabbing, drug possession gets time served

              Jaliyl Saalim Clinton, 34, was charged in connection with the stabbing five days after his shooting charges were temporarily dropped.

              Man dies after Pulaski gas station shooting, suspect determined

              Howard Laron Love, 40, of Pulaski and formerly of Detroit, Michigan succumbed to his injuries at about 5 p.m. Saturday.

              Person shot outside Pulaski gas station Friday, suspect unidentified

              Town police said in a press release Friday afternoon that there was no danger to the public and no further information to share.

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