CUNY Blackboard Resources – The City University of New York (2024)

Blackboard / Brightspace Login

Blackboard is a resource for online learning available to the entire CUNY community. Faculty members moving their course resources online are encouraged to read Teaching Remotely – Provide Your Course Resources Online, watch the Translating On-Campus to Distance Learning webinar, and the Blackboard Instructor User Guide first, then visit the User Guides section of this Blackboard Resources site for tutorials on many Blackboard topics. Additional Blackboard help can be found at

New Blackboard Home Page Look Coming

On June 29, 2024, Blackboard will upgrade CUNY to Blackboard Base Navigation. Course content will remain the same after the upgrade but users will see an updated home page:

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Blackboard Base Navigation offers a more intuitive and efficient way to access your courses and content. You’ll notice an immediate difference after you log in:

  • Unified Access: Your core features and tools are conveniently located in the menu list where your name appears, making navigating from one place to any area within Blackboard easy.
  • Simplified Workflow: With Base Navigation, you can easily peek at your navigation list from any layer within the platform.
  • Enhanced Activity Stream: Stay on top of all course activities with a comprehensive activity stream that alerts you to everything happening across your courses.
  • Global Course Overview: Access a global view of your courses directly from any link in the navigation list.

For more information on using Blackboard Base Navigation, visit Navigate in Learn in the Blackboard Help Center website.

Getting Blackboard Help

Students and faculty can get help with Blackboard/Brightspace questions or issues by contacting their Blackboard help desk.

Students and faculty with a pressing question regarding Blackboard use can call after hours support for assistance. This after hours service is available weeknights (between 8:00pm and 8:00am the next morning) and weekends (from Friday night at 8:00pm until Monday morning at 8:00am). After hours support is for help with using Blackboard and not for issues involving CUNY Login or accessing Blackboard. See After Hours Blackboard Support for details.

Course Shell Availability to Faculty

Blackboard course shells are automatically created for every CUNY course based on CUNYfirst data. Winter Intercession and Spring 2022 courses were created in Blackboard in early November 2021. Faculty unable to see courses in Blackboard should check their course assignments in CUNYfirst and have their departments follow through as needed if courses have not been assigned to them. If the courses are assigned in CUNYfirst and you are unable to access your courses in Blackboard, please contact your campus Blackboard representative. Courses appear in Blackboard 24 – 48 hours after enrollment or assignment in CUNYfirst.

CUNY Blackboard Resources  –  The City University of New York (2024)


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