Beast Tamer Season 2 Release Date: What We Know So Far (2024)

Beast Tamer season 2 is highly anticipated after the immense popularity of the first season in 2022. Centered around Rein, a beast tamer with a special ability to communicate with animals, the anime won over viewers with its lovable characters, stellar action sequences, and touching storylines. By the season one finale, fans were left enthralled but also with many unanswered questions.

Beast Tamer Season 2 Release Date: What We Know So Far (1)

Will there be a renewal for Beast Tamer season 2? While there has been no official confirmation yet from creators EMT Squared or streaming platform Crunchyroll, speculation is running high. The way season one concluded hints that there is more story to tell. With so many fans eager to see the next chapter in Rein’s journey, there is hope the series could return as early as 2024 or 2025. Until then, devotees will have to hang tight for any word of Beast Tamer getting the green light again. One thing is certain – when Beast Tamer does come back for round two, audiences will be clamoring for more.

Beast Tamer Season 2 Release Date

The creators of Beast Tamer and Crunchyroll have not yet said if there will be a Beast Tamer season 2. But some rumors say the show might come back in 2024 or 2025. Fans really hope this is true!

There are a few things that could affect when Beast Tamer season two happens. The creators might want to finish writing and drawing more episodes first. Getting the cast and crew together again also takes time. And Crunchyroll has to decide if it wants to pay to produce another season.

If Beast Tamer season 2 gets announced soon, it could premiere next year. But if talks are still happening behind the scenes, fans might have to wait until 2025 or later. This wait feels very long to loyal viewers who want to know what will happen next!

There are also clues that point to a second season. Many shows that end without tying up important storylines later come back. The light novel that Beast Tamer is based on has more content that could be adapted. And the first season was very popular around the world. All of these factors make another season seem likely at some point.

Fans might need to be patient for official word. But when Beast Tamer returns, they will surely be very thrilled!

LEAK: TV Anime "Beast Tamer" Season 2 in Production.

— Tsumi (@Tsumize) October 3, 2023

Potential Plot Details For Beast Tamer season 2

Season one of Beast Tamer set up some big story arcs that could continue in beast tamer season 2. Rein learned he is something called a “Beast King” and has a special destiny. Viewers will want to know more about what this means! There are also still threats out there that Rein and his friends might have to face next.

The light novel that Beast Tamer is adapted from has more volumes left to cover in future seasons. These could include exciting new adventures not seen yet in the anime. There might even be surprise new characters introduced.

By the end of season one, many questions were left for fans. What will Rein do now that he left his home and is traveling with new companions? Will he reunite with his childhood friend Sasha who is training with their town’s guards? Is Rein’s beast taming mentor hiding secrets about Rein’s past and powers? Viewers are eager to see these mysteries explored!

The creators of the anime have lots of directions they could take the story next. Fans just hope Beast Tamer season 2 comes sooner rather than later! The light novels have enough content left for more seasons after that too. Everyone is looking forward to seeing Rein and his extraordinary beasts back on screen!

Speculating On The Cast For Beast Tamer season 2

If Beast Tamer gets renewed, fans expect the main voice actors will come back. The Japanese cast includes Shōya Chiba as Rein and Azumi Waki as cat-girl Kanade. Viewers love these actors’ performances! The English dub voice actors are also very talented at bringing the characters to life.

There also may be opportunities for new actors to join season two. Rein discovers he has a mysterious past. Exploring this could require casting family members he never knew about! New beast taming mentors or more powerful enemies would allow for more voice roles too.

It seems unlikely there would be big casting shake-ups. But characters sometimes sound different between seasons as schedules change. A few roles could be recast if needed. As long as the new actors capture the spirit of the characters, fans will still be on board! Viewers mainly hope their favorite performers reprise their roles when Beast Tamer hopefully returns.

Where Viewers Can Watch Beast Tamer Season 2

Crunchyroll streamed the first season of Beast Tamer for fans around the world. So if season two happens, it would likely premiere there first too. Loyal viewers really hope Crunchyroll continues to be the main platform to watch new episodes.

The anime may also stream on VRV again. This service is partners with Crunchyroll for many shows. Fans could access new Beast Tamer seasons in both apps.

Depending on distribution deals, Beast Tamer could come to more platforms over time too. Hulu, Netflix or other paid streaming sites may add the anime later on. The show could also eventually be available for digital purchase on services like Amazon. But Crunchyroll will probably continue to be anime fans’ top destination for the hottest new shows like Beast Tamer!

Wherever season two premieres, devotees cannot wait. After the thrilling first season, they are hungry to jump back into the colorful fantasy world of Beast Tamer with Rein and his extraordinary beasts!

What Fans Can Expect From Beast Tamer Season 2

If Beast Tamer gets renewed, fans hope the same creative team returns for season two. The writers, directors, and producers did an awesome job on the first season. Viewers would be happy to see this group make the next chapters of Rein’s story too.

There is no official word yet on how many episodes season two would have. But season one had 13 episodes. Fans think the next season will likely have a similar number. Some viewers really hope the creators make the next season even longer!

The animation style for Beast Tamer is very beautiful, colorful, and unique. The way Rein’s powers allow him to transform into mythical beasts looks so cool. Fans cannot wait to see what new creatures could show up next! People also love the bright, lush scenery of the fantasy world in the anime. Viewers expect season two’s visuals will impress just as much.

As for tone and themes, Beast Tamer focuses on friendship, adventure, trust, and never giving up in hard times. Fans are crossing their fingers Beast Tamer season 2 will deliver these same positive messages. Some followers do think the story may get a little darker as threats mount. But the show will surely keep its sense of fun and hope too!

Speculating on a Potential Beast Tamer Season 2 Trailer

When Beast Tamer finally gets renewed, fans will be eagerly awaiting a season two trailer! What might it include to get viewers hyped?

The trailer would probably feature some new flashy footage and snippets of the main characters. There would likely be quick shots revealing new beasts Rein could transform into and allies he’ll meet. The trailer may also tease mysterious villains viewers haven’t seen yet. Anything that hints at the next adventures ahead will have fans going crazy!

Don’t expect too much brand new content though. Trailers try not to spoil too many surprises. Just enough to leave people wanting more!

If Beast Tamer season 2 gets confirmed soon, a trailer could come out sometime in 2024. It depends how far along production is. But when that first look finally drops, devotees will watch it on repeat until the actual episodes air! A trailer means the long wait is nearly over and fans will soon reunite with the characters they love.

Wrapping Up

With its lovable characters, magical beasts, and unfinished story, Beast Tamer has fans desperately hoping for a second season. While the creators have not confirmed a renewal yet, there are many good signs it could still happen.

When will new episodes air? That’s tough to predict. But if given the green light soon, Beast Tamer could return as early as 2024. Hopefully fans won’t have to wait too much longer than that!

There is so much to look forward to if the anime comes back. More action, adventure, mysteries about Rein’s past as a Beast King, and fun with his quirky new friends. And that’s just based on what season one set up! Fans can’t wait to dive deeper into Rein’s extraordinary fantasy world.

Whenever Beast Tamer season 2 gets announced, loyal viewers will definitely be celebrating. They’ll eagerly count down the days until the next chapters of this thrilling anime beast taming tale!

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Beast Tamer Season 2 Release Date: What We Know So Far (2024)


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